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Security & Compliance

Accelerate your Enterprise sales.

Originated in the Bay Area, our firm assists businesses with a desire to offer superior security guarantees to their customers.

Our clients are SaaS companies with a will to attract large Enterprise clients in order to increase their revenue. We understand that lining up the right clients can be crucial to raising capital and represent companies at every stage of development with their SOC2 Compliance needs.

We work with nationally recognized auditing firms and follow our clients throughout the entire process, from the assessment period until the final report is delivered.

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Our Story

Founded in 2016 with a desire to educate and help startups accelerate their compliance timelines, Marana was started by Martin Cozzi.

Martin began his career at Google in the Risk and Fraud department and has since been working in a very diverse ecosystem from small start-ups to large corporations such as JPMorgan Chase where security goes hand in hand with Product development. He has been working on large scale infrastructure running on AWS since 2010, has gone through M&As in the Bay Area, and understands the challenges startups go through.

Martin's unique background gives companies a distinct advantage as they prepare for successful SOC-2 engagements.