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Working with a Security Consultant: Services and Benefits

Marana helps large and small SaaS companies prepare for the kinds of security audits that can mean the difference between losing and attracting enterprise-level clients. Airtight data management, flawless compliance, a forward-looking approach to future threats, and a solid understanding of the enterprise-level marketplace can help any data management business survive and thrive in a security-conscious landscape. And in our current era, data privacy and management protocols are at the center of attention like never before. Customers want safety and transparency, and enterprise clients will go to any lengths to provide it…and that’s where we step in. We’ll help your company become audit-ready so you can gain the contracts you need for sustained and meaningful growth. Become a trusted partner by putting your trust in us first. Here’s how we can help:

Gap Analysis

Every set of internal protocols comes with a list of strengths and a list of weaknesses. Do you know where your weaknesses lie? Let us review the gaps in your storage, transfer, and access protocols and the internal infrastructures you rely on to keep customer data safe. When we spot an entry point for potential hackers or a missing component in your compliance checklist, we’ll analyze the gap and develop solutions.

Policy Documentation

To successfully complete a SOC 2, GDPR or HIPAA audit, you’ll need clear documentation of your internal protocols and policies, including position responsibilities, reporting chains, and communication flows.

Compliance Road Map

The distance from your current state to a state of total compliance won’t be hard to travel, as long as you’re armed with a detailed road map and a clear set of attainable goals. Our team can take you from here to there by starting with a review and a list of first steps, then second steps. If problems lie within your software infrastructure, your reporting procedures, or your crisis response protocols, we’ll help you identify what needs to be done, and then do it.

Education for Senior Staff

Senior staff members need to clearly understand where the company is heading, so they can help you get there. Training junior level data managers and monitoring risk are easier and more effective with a shared goals and communication networks in place. Our consultation process can help you identify and shore up weaknesses in your system.

Contact us for an initial consultation today and together we’ll take your data security and documentation to the next level.