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Attracting Enterprise Clients: Simple But Powerful Strategies

Startups and small-but-scrappy companies providing B2B services can gain ground—and rapid growth—by setting their sights on big targets. Successfully going after one big contract (and then another) can put a small business on firmer footing, which can mean more breathing room, more room for innovation, and more flexibility to make the mistakes and take the risks that lead to meaningful growth in the future. By contrast, companies that struggle to maintain an ever-shifting corral of tiny clients with tight margins have to hustle every day to survive. And this means low risk tolerance, greater rigidity and necessary adherence to the status quo.

If you’re like most small business owners and startups, you respect all of your customers, not

just the big targets. But you know what a few large enterprise-level contracts can do for your bottom line and in turn, how these big contracts can put you in a better position to serve your smaller customers, your employees, and everyone else who stands to gain from your success.

Here are a few simple moves that can help startups grab and hold the attention of big-name industry leaders.

Provide unsolicited reassurance

In this era of emphasis on data security, success depends on a data management infrastructure that can withstand the scrutiny of auditors. GDPR compliance (with or without a base of European customers) will be important. So will compliance with HIPAA (if the company handles protected health information or partners with those who do). But wise companies do more than just comply. They comply with airtight protocols and then boast about their above-and-beyond security measures. In our modern world, “data security” isn’t just a legal issue; it’s a philosophy and a way of doing business. Demonstrate that your company stands behind the spirit of the law, not just the letter, when it comes to protecting customers from harm.

Engage in account based marketing

Invest in a measured, focused marketing approach that allows your marketing team to build a customized strategy around a target client’s needs. Abandon the one-size-fits-all approach to products or services and build your message (and your service package or contract) around the needs of one target client at a time.

Form strategic partnerships

Find non-competitive service providers who are pursuing the same enterprise clients and team up with them. This way the two of you can afford to offer discounted services or combined service options. Even better, find a vendor who already has a relationship with your enterprise target and ask for an introduction.

Target contacts at high levels and meet face-to-face

For most startups, initial contacts with enterprise clients begin at lower levels in the company hierarchy. Actively search for access to higher rungs on the ladder, and when you gain this access, request in-person meetings, which often generate greater impact on decision makers.

Pursue name recognition

Plant your name in industry circles by publishing in well-known media venues, guest writing for blogs that enterprise clients may read, appearing (or speaking) at industry events, and joining local industry committees. The more the company’s name appears in the world, the more likely it will spark recognition when you meet with contacts or submit proposals.

The right team of experienced consultants can help a small company move forward with any of these low-cost, high-return growth strategies. Reach out for guidance and practical support.